There are so many simple yet hateful chores that we tend to avoid in our life. Let it be cleaning your car, clearing the trash or folding the laundry. In the world of business, one of the most dreaded tasks is to receive payments and pay bills; as it involves a lot of legal issues, steps, and litigation.

In this global world, every small to large business have either their customers or their vendors across the world and getting paid from them or paying them their fees is the most critical and time-consuming action. Local payments are easy but when it comes to international payments we are not as advanced as we are supposed to be. It’s like a decaying tooth that needs to be pulled soon, you would hate to do that but you have to get it done as soon as possible.

We don’t like when our customers delay our payments neither would our vendors like to get late fees. Your late payments will lead to paying your vendors late. What is the solution to this? Let me make it easier for you”

Almost 80% of the business owners are still using the traditional payment method – which is leaving all the important work behind to rush to a bank to make a payment. Making international transfers is still a dreadful task to them. Global business payments are also heavier on the pockets too, as depending on the country you are sending the wire to your bank will charge you a fee which is skyrocketed. What a sad life it is when you need to pay an extra 40-dollar fee for sending out a payment of 200 dollars.

Not just this there is another horror added to it, what was the conversion rate when you transferred amount? How will you reconcile the payments? Are your accounting books managed and reflecting proper cash flow?

20 Percent of the business owners have simplified their life

What are they doing which has made their life much easier? A digital bill payment solution is the answer to all the above-mentioned challenges. will simplify your life by automating, organizing, reviewing, approving and reconciling the whole payment process. simplifies all your payment obligations, saves your time, frustration and additional fees. eliminates your tiring bank trips and will reduce your paperwork. You can easily manage your payments from your laptop, smartphone or tablet by signing in from anywhere any time of the day. The work done in hours is brought down to a matter of minutes. Not just this, with you will avoid hefty bank service fees. Now you can easily send and receive payments from anywhere in the globe. will also resolve the second most dreadful problem in the business world i.e. waiting for the approving parties or authorities to sign the cheques or approving the payments in order to process. has digitized this approval process as per the company’s guidelines. You can easily review a Bill and send it to the reviewer to review it, one reviewed and submitted it goes to the approver, one approved the payment is transferred.

This and everything you do in is automated yet tracked and auditable. You can define the access and roles of the users and give permissions and rights to only the individuals who are concerned which restricts the trespassing and leakage of confidential information. provides you a highly transparent digital payment solution both local and international. All your payments are consolidated into one system so there is no issue of reconciliation at the end of the month. Need not to worry about chasing your customers for timely payments, the system would chase as per defined intervals.

Payments, whether they are local or international, must be an inexpensive, hassle-free and least dreadful task to the business owners. And by shifting to you can transform your life into the smart technology-oriented business. Don’t believe it still? Try our complete risk-free and free-of-cost 14 days trial to see it yourself.