Why Invoice Online

Whether you work alone, are a small business or a large enterprise, managing your invoicing process is a time consuming effort. Traditional offline invoicing in which invoices are printed or emailed is costly, requires considerable effort in tracking and is prone to errors.

Online Invoicing can result in lower costs, less errors and additional benefits that traditional offline invoicing cannot offer.

Benefits of Invoicing Online

  1. When you create an online invoice you can send it via email, your favorite messaging client or in a text message.
  2. Online invoices have a higher chance of getting paid on time because they offer your customers convenient payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, ewallets and mwallets.
  3. You get notified as soon as your invoice is viewed.
  4. Your customers get their own private panel where they can see which invoices were paid, what is due and change their communication preferences.
  5. Automate customer chasing so that you don’t have to manually remind your customers of invoices that are over due.
  6. Setup recurring invoices so that your customers are invoiced automatically weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual.
  7. Get an alert as soon an invoice is paid.
  8. Save your business from embarrassing moments that arise due to human errors such as wrong amounts or missing information.
  9. Have all your invoices organized in a secure central system with access to on demand reports.

All online invoicing software is not created equal, you can find all of the above and more in Vurkly Smart Invoices which is free to try.